Grandview Buildings

High Quality and Functional

We proudly feature products from Grandview Buildings- whether you need a garden shed, cabin, patio, garage, barn, tool shed or tiny home, we can provide you with many types of high quality Grandview Buildings. These buildings give you beautiful and functional options for your yard, home or property, and each building is made from superior products and quality construction. Stop by Newman’s Factory Outlet and see them for yourself!

Features and Benefits to Owning a Grandview Building:

The 4×6 support beams are treated and engineered for direct ground contact, meaning you can put the building right in your yard without ground preparation and costly excavation. Grandview Buildings backs it up with a lifetime warranty on all treated material.
The floor joists are inset into the support beam 1″ to help integrate the flooring system and give the building extra strength
Each building is built to the exact same specifications using 8″ pole barn spikes to lock our floor joists to the support beams.
Grandview Buildings installs a 1″x4″ lateral support under all the flooring seams to give the building improved strength and a more solid floor.
Their Barn, Lofted Barn, and Lofted Barn Cabin have a 2′ x 8′ installed as the double top plate to give improved strength.
Every building is built with three premium grade 2×4’s in the corner section so you have the option of finishing your building without the hassle of having to add more lumber to finish your project.

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